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Elevate Pet Mealtime with Our "Pardon my Frenchie!" Stainless Steel Pet Bowl.

Introducing our “Pardon my Frenchie!” collection Stainless Steel Pet Bowl – a stylish and durable choice for pet owners. Crafted with double-walled stainless steel and featuring the iconic “Pardon my Frenchie!” design, it’s built to last and offers durability, stability, and a charming appearance for your pet’s mealtime.

The Benefits

Durable Stainless Steel

Double-walled construction for longevity

Anti-Slip Rubber Base

Preventing spills and mess during mealtimes

Charming "Frenchie" Design

Adding character to your pet's dining area

"This bowl is not only adorable but also incredibly durable. My Frenchie, Max, loves it!"
Sarah T.
pet bowl front
pet bowl side
pet bowl bottom

"Pardon my Frenchie!" Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

Enhance your pet’s mealtime with our “Pardon my Frenchie” Collection Stainless Steel Pet Bowl. Versatile, durable, and featuring an anti-slip rubber base, it’s perfect for dogs, cats, and any other pets. Available in two sizes, you can choose between 18 oz (532 ml) or 32 oz (946 ml) to accommodate your pet’s appetite and dietary needs. Treat your furry friend to this delightful pet accessory today!

Give your pet a stylish mealtime experience.

18oz – $44.00
32oz – $44.00

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